Dentiste Plus White Fluoride Free Antibacterial Toothpaste 160 grams Pack of 2

Dentiste Plus White Fluoride Free Antibacterial Toothpaste 160 grams Pack of 2

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While we sleep, saliva flows slower then day time. Anaerobic bacteria can grow very quickly, producing smelly volatile, sulphur compounds. 

DENTISTE' Toothpaste takes the necessary preventative measures against gum disease to ensure good oral hygiene and to keep your breath fresh and clean. 

DENTISTE' is highly recommended for the following users: 
Those having bad breath in the morning 
Executives in high in high-pressure business 
Those having minimal rest 
Frequent travelers 
Smokers, Tea, coffee & alcohol drinkers 
Those who want to enhance confidence with clean teeth & fresh breath 
Those who went through dental treatments requiring extensive oral care 
Those who require extensive oral care such as pregnant women, patients with respiratory diseases 
Those who have diabetes, heart diseases requiring extensive care for their oral hygiene 

14 natural extracts which are naturally antiseptic and antibacterial 
Xylitol- Natural taste enhancer, creating unwelcome environment for bacteria 
CDX (Cyclodextrin Complex) - Eliminates bad breath effectively 
Stable Vitamin C from Switzerland - Helps increase Antibodies for healthy Gums 
Micronized Silica Complex - Clinically proven to be effective on soothing sensitive teeth 

DENTISTE' Proof of Excellence 
93% of Dentiste' users experience a decrease in bad morning breath after the first night use 
97% of Dentiste' users are highly satisfied with Dentiste' toothpaste when it comes to morning bad breath elimination. 
The rate of dentist's recommendation is SEVEN times higher than that of competitors 
No 1 in Therapeutic toothpaste and No 1 Best selling toothpaste in Watson's and Boots.

Pack of 2
160 grams (5.6 oz) each