Smooth E Scar Sca Serum Dark Spot Reducer 10 grams

15 USD

Advanced Skin Care for Scars on Face and Body
Smooth E Smooth Sca Serum Advanced Formula is the topical serum formulated for new scars (once the wound is closed) or existing scars. It improves skin softness, texture, and overall appearance of damaged skin. Finally, your skin can look better. Product for everyone in your family, made from a proprietary botanical extract and advance active ingredients to heal damaged skin. Smooth E Smooth Sca Serum Advanced Formula is an advance formula with New Scar Technology (NST) for delivering actives with Polysiloxane, new silicone technology impart a soft & silky feel to the skin.
- Reduce visibility of scar
- Improve skin’s overall tone, texture, clarity
- Provide moisturizing effect for healthy skin cell
- Enhance the healthy growth of skin texture, good for scarring
- Enhance damaged skin healing
- Soothe skin system
- Boost recovery of the barrier function

10 grams