Smooth E Cream Vitamin E Jojoba Oil Aloe Vera Centella Essence for Scars 100g

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Reduces scars, black spots and fine lines for smoother skin. 
     • 100% Natural source of Alpha-Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin E): helps reduce scars, fight free radicals, fine lines and aids skin smoothing. 
     • Reducing stretch marks during and after pregnancy 
     • Reduces wrinkles on your face, hand and body
     • Highly recommended by skin specialists 
     • has been clinically tested suitable for dry and even the most sensitive skin (clinical data supported) 
     • MES (multi-layer emulsion system) for deeply and rapidly absorb to epidermis 
     • A household brand in Thailand as well as neighboring countries for several years. 
Vitamin E (Tocopherol Acetate) 
     • A derivative of Vitamin E that is more stable and more usable by the skin than Vitamin E alone. 
     • Help against dryness and the signs of aging 
     • Help to heal scars and burns.  
     • Currently it is recognized as a radical protector
     • Enhance the benefits of the unstable vitamin c molecule in its capacity to fight against free radicals 
     • Found in foods like almonds and hazelnuts and in the oil from the wheat germ, cottonseed, soybean, maize, sunflower, safflower, and in green leaves. 
Aloe Vera 
     • When taken full-strength from a cut leaf, the juice of an aloe vera plant is great for healing burns 
     • In high concentration, Aloe Vera extract has the same healing property and is also mild humectant. 
Jojoba oil 
     • Derived from a tree and used in massage and aromatherapy. 
     • A good moisturizer and emulsifier rich in essential fat acids and Vitamin E with anti-inflammatory properties, nourishing, moisturizing and firming skin 
Centella essence 
     • An herb used in the repair of nerve tissues from crushing trauma 
     • Has the ability to actually heal and re-grow new skin, painful lesions and skin ulcers, even healing scars 
     • Heal a host of corrupt skin conditions, including wounds and dermatitis. 
     • Promote the tensile integrity of the skin. 
     • Increase protein growth (Keratinization) in the skin.
No. 1 Best selling scar and fine line reducing cream in Thailand. 
Highly recommended by dermatologists. 

100 grams