Pond's Lighten and Renew Day and Night Cream Set 56 grams

16.98 USD

Naturally reduces dark spots and signs of aging for fairer, younger-looking skin
Because Pond's understands well that signs of aging do not come only with wrinkles or fine lines, you may also experience to skin dullness dark-spots and blemishes, which could worsen your skin aging problem .
Pond's Lighten and Renew - New formulation, with double-action formula that effectively works to lighten skin, reduce dark spots, and diminish wrinkles altogether in one-day and night pack
Lighten Day cream (Pink Jar)
A nourishing, Light-weight moisturizer to give you visibly illuminated, smooth, white skin and reduce dark spots
Vitamin B3 & B6 that dilutes accumulated melanin reducing dark spots and melanin, thus helping lighten dull skin
Vitamin C & E as effective anti-oxidants to keep your youthful glow
Triple sunscreen to protect skin from UVA and UVB that cause dark spots freckle and melasma
Renew Night cream (Black Jar)
Highly effective, fast-absorbing cream which helps diminish signs of aging and rejuvenates skin as you sleep.
Pro-Retinol Vitamin A in form of dissolvable peach-color beads to actively nourish and prevent wrinkles for firmer skin
AHA to stimulate dead skin cell removal and to enhance skin renewal process
Double vitamin complex to enhance skin's natural radiance and smoothness
Day cream: 28 grams (1 oz)
Night cream: 28 grams (1 oz)