Perskindol Cool Gel Non Greasy Muscle Ache Pain Relief Massage 100ml

15.63 USD


uninterrupted cooling without limiting mobility
ready to use, no pre-cooling necessary
local pain relief without side-effects
no risk of damage to skin tissues

The use of cold in the treatment of sports injuries is a well known practice. The immediate application of cold can help reduce the swelling and ease the pain.

While the use of penetrating shock-cooling is appropriate for the initial treatment, the purpose of any long term cooling therapy should be the moderate cooling of the affected area only by a few degrees. This avoids possible damage to the skin tissues and cells and its usually sufficient to reduce the blood flow to the treated area. This often stops possible hemorrhaging and swelling. Every cooling therapy has the additional benefit of preventing inflammation.

I-Menthol - the ideal compliment to any physical cooling therapy

Acute sports injuries such as sprains, strains and contusions are usually very painful. Perskindol Cool products therefore contain I-Menthol, either isolated of in the form of peppermint oil, which acts as a local analgesic. I-Menthol can be described as a mild and widely accepted topical pain reliever. It stimulates the cold-sensitive nerve endings producing a sensation of coolness which masks the pain. This leads to a quick and noticeable local pain relief. There are no side effects known.

100ml (3.4 oz)