Olay White Radiance Intensive Whitening Cream Skin Whitening SPF 24 50 grams

19 USD


Olay triple efficacy whitening formula
Vitamin B3 to help correct dark spots
UVA (PA++) / UVB (SPF 24) dual efficacy
Olay moisturizers
Variety of minerals
Advanced light diffusion technology
Non-greasy and lightweight formula

Olay White Radiance contains nutrients that penetrate deep down to the inner layer to energize skin cells and reveal true radiance. Also protects skin against pollution. This whitening cream is especially intended for facial use. It is formulated with mild ingredients to help take care of facial skin, prevent rashes, irritations and other unwanted breakouts. Whitening effects are visible in just seven days, and there are no side effects like peeling or skin tightening. Not for sensitive skin.

50 grams (1.8 oz)