Jele Beautie Drink L-Glutathione and Zinc 150 grams (Pack of 3)

15.50 USD


Jelly Carrageenan with L-Glutathione, Zinc and 15% Mixed Fruit Juice (10% White grape juice, (5% Lime Juice), (Jele Beautie Brand)

Ingredients: Mixed fruit juice(From fruit juice concentrate) 15%, (White Grape juice from White Grape juice concentrate 10%, Lime juice from Lime juice concentrate 5%) , Fructose syrup 3%, Sugar 3%, L-Glutathione 0.05%, Vitamin C 0.006%, Zinc 0.00015%, Gelling agent (Carrageenan) INS.407, (Locus Bean Gum) INS.410, Acidity regulator (Malic acid) INS.296, (Citric acid) INS.330, (Tripotassium citrate) INS.332(ii), Nature Identical Flavour

Pack of 3 (150 grams each)